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From the yearly archives:


it’s the Solstice

by Buddy on December 21, 2010

skunk racoon rabbit and owl moonlight

dog drawing

by Buddy on December 12, 2010

pencil sketch dog

Sofie from behind.

Behind Sofie.

Sofie’s behind.

man with dogs

by Buddy on December 6, 2010

man holds a dog

small pug on black leather chair.

Skip holds Kinnan.

Drawing/painting done recently

under the table

by Buddy on December 4, 2010

dog and cat under table

After dinner.
The table has been cleared.
Sofie has just finished licking the rug.
I can’t remember if I’ve eaten yet.
Oh yes, it was the Friskie’s Chinese-style.
It’s no good for you and you can’t stop eating it.

The Rabbi and the Lama

by Buddy on December 2, 2010

a rabbi and a lama are toasting

Happy Hannakah Everyone.

What do you think? Is this greeting card-worthy?

I think so. And has anyone else ever wondered whether the Dalai Lama get’s chilly in his Lama-garb. He does have very nice arms and I hear he’s into wrist watches.


by Buddy on October 27, 2010

cat with cape

I’m too  old for this. I don’t even like candy any more. That’s not true. I’ll eat it if it’s sitting in a bowl by the door. But I don’t eat nuts.
And to tell you the truth, I’m more into pie these days.

What do you think of the costume?
I am the masked caped dude, aka the great orange imposter.


by Buddy on October 15, 2010

Yes, we’ve been busy here at the ol’ artist’s workshop. Anne has done some new holiday cards and I’ve been sleeping a lot because of an altercation (minor) with some creature (a cat) and I got knocked for a loop. This is me and Anne snoozing. I sleep with Anne even though she’s allergic to me.

bud sketch

around the house

by Buddy on September 16, 2010

Here we are again. A brief moment in time.
Anne and Joe just got back from vacation.
They enlist a ‘sitter’ for me in their absence. Which is good cause I enter and exit the house about 3o times a day and I need a door support person.
Also I need my food dish constantly refreshed. And I have become a great fan of snuggling. So Amy stays with me and we do okay.

ear flaps

by Buddy on September 2, 2010

little brown dog

I think she’s smiling.

Personally I don’t know about this one.
I mean, where’s the background? Anne says she likes the way the paint looks on the surface of the paper, that she’s playing and having fun and she doesn’t care what I think.

Anne’s friend Martha has a very cool store in Boston, Gracie Finn and some of these Sofie paintings were on view.  I thought it was a good idea for Anne to do some paintings of Sofie cause she’s so goo-goo over this dog.

Sofie on peach

by Buddy on August 31, 2010

brown dog soleful gaze

Anne is happily painting Sofie these days.
It’s her current project/obsession.
She is back with the Anneplanne.
It’s stinkin’ hot outside so I’m staying in the house
and doing some PAPERWORK.

cat tears newspaper