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From the yearly archives:


reading the paper

by Buddy on August 29, 2010

dog stares lady reads paper

okay, here we are again. the basic unit, sort of/almost.
Joe is in the kitchen chopping chard.
we’re expecting company for dinner.

slice of life

by Buddy on August 28, 2010

and the dog gets a little snacky.
the dog will do anything for a bite to eat.
oh how she loves her food.
don’t get me wrong.
she’s really quite charming.

frosted tips

by Buddy on August 12, 2010

cute furry dog

Another portrait for you.

It’s Marzipan as Pup. And the photo shows her all grown up. In  her boat.  I think she wins the hairdo competition.

sam and louise

by Buddy on August 9, 2010

skinny lady with big cat

This is the famous ‘Sam and Louise’ painting (of the famous Sam and the famous Louise). I thought you might be interested in seeing the photo the painting was based on. As you can see,  Anne doesn’t do a literal translation.  She does capture a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, (excuse my french) of the subject at hand.
(Anne is uncomfortable with name dropping. she thinks it’s in poor taste. how lame is that. so I’ll tell you that it’s Louise Gluck famous poet who won the Pulitzer Surprise a few years back. I can’t link you to her blog cause she doesn’t have one)

lady holding big cat

dog days

by Buddy on August 5, 2010

Basin Harbor

Anne went to Basin Harbor to paint and she took Cookie with her. Cookie didn’t care for the place.
She wasn’t a swimmer and I think she was just homesick. Also Cookie didn’t go for playing ‘catch’ or any of those other stupid dog games. I guess Cookie’s idea of fun is hanging around the house, like the time we posed with Gabby for that three friends birthday card.

her ears are like velvet

by Buddy on July 13, 2010

sofie close up

More of Sofie. Her middle name is Dorothy. In case you’re interested.

still life with dog and cat

by Buddy on July 6, 2010

dog and cat still life

Anne just did this one this morning.
She’s back with the Anne Planne.
More on that at a later date.

She did this one from a photograph. She often uses the photograph for inspiration and then gets all wacko with colors. For example we don’t really have a red floor. We do have a big comfy chair on which I am sitting in this picture. Click on the image to see a bigger picture.

The Queen of Bank Street

by Buddy on July 1, 2010

painting of hound doghound in front of woodstove

This is Sofie. Anne’s first official portrait of the big goofy hound.
Anne thinks Sofie is GORGEOUS and will always be trying to capture that gorgeousness.
Sofie has BIG FEET.
I don’t know what size shoe she wears but, believe me, they’re HUGE.
I don’t like it when she steps on my tail.
Anne says her ears are like velvet.
I don’t know about that.

the muses assembled

by Buddy on June 16, 2010

Cookie, Teacup, Bodhi and our new addition Sofie.
I am far right, looking wacky and Gabby is playing hide and seek,
or just hiding, under the couch.
We are the raw material Anne works from.

The Sparkler

by Buddy on June 8, 2010

Sparkle sparkles and runs a beatnik household with her parents Lance and Elaine in the city. She wears galoshes and an overcoat in the winter when it’s very cold.