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From the yearly archives:


Yo ho ho

by Buddy on December 18, 2011


I’ve been the absent blogger lately. But it’s been our CRAZY time and we’ve been busy… thanks to our loyal following.

Thank you thank you thank you.

And Have a Happy Holiday Everybody. Whatever your persuasion.

Let’s touch base again in the new year.

yo ho ho baby

labor of love/ kinda

by Buddy on November 10, 2011

I know it’s late for a calendar but not really. I mean we have almost two months til the new year. But you’ll be wanting to write in your dental appointments etc, stuff you schedule way in advance that you might forget. Like your appointment with the dermatologist in 9 months. Or  a reminder to change the batteries on your smoke alarm, or time for a new flea collar or time to plant your bulbs… or something.

This calendar is a true ANNE MADE production.
Printed and bound in house by Anne.
She thought it was going to be a piece of cake to make her
own calendar but I’ll tell ya, it presented problems.

But it’s done and we’re all  very happy with it. Phew !
holding the new calendar

So look at all the room you have to write things in…

open calendar

ANNE MADE calendar

by Buddy on October 15, 2011

Hey Everyone,

I have a real question, very important.

When you buy a calendar what do you use it for ?

A) Decoration, a little piece of  art to hang ?
B) A handy reminder of what day it is (and what month and year if necessary) and another entertaining picture every month ?
C) All of the above but you also like to write your dates and engagements in ?
D) You keep all your dates in a personal devise ?
E) You don’t need any kind of calendar, you keep it all ‘in your head’ ? ( oh right, like that really works)

calendar hound

Would you prefer the single page or the double?
Thoughts ? I’m very curious to know what the Anne Made clientele
might be interested in. It’s late to be producing a calendar for 2012
but we simply must do one this year (Anne promised people).
It’s going to be a limited edition so make sure you get your order in early.
Stay tuned right here at Buddy’s Blog or on Facebook and
I’ll let you know as soon as they are ready.






welcome to my world

by Buddy on September 7, 2011

how about some photos??

This is a photo of Joe holding an original painting in one hand and in the other hand an excellent reproduction crafted in the studio of the artiste, Anne. Guess which is the fake? The fake is really very nice. Each image is pasted/ affixed/ firmly and professionally placed on a wood board. The sides are hand-painted in a nice go-with color and the surface is poly-coated. Ready to hang hardware on the back as well as the special story that goes with each picture. This is a cool new item. Whatdoyouthink ???

man with paintings

Joe is a real sport posing for these dopey pictures.

cat pting on chair

here’s a backyard shot with the painting of the day.

cat face and studio window

fake or original?


stormy weather

by Buddy on September 4, 2011

green room window cat

We are keeping an eye on the weather.
It would totally stink if Vermont had more flooding.


flood news

by Buddy on August 30, 2011

cats w umbrella

Hurricane Irene was not nice to much of Vermont. We live in the relatively unscathed town of Barre. For which we are very grateful.

Many other parts of Vermont – not so nice.

We love our local -truly local- radio station WDEV in Waterbury Vermont, that keep us informed. Many heroes. Many stories to unfold.

Pictured here, me and Gabby going out to seek folks in need of an umbrella.



to market

by Buddy on August 29, 2011

Anne Made is going to be at the Capital City Farmer’s Market in Montpelier this Saturday. She will be displaying/selling her wares.
Joe will be serving as sales manager. He enjoys the marketplace. I would go but the dogs make me nervous. But it’s a nice market. The pizza is to die for and if you like vegetables you’re in luck. Frankly, I don’t like vegetables, but I do like pie…

speaking of pie…

There will be a special. Buy $20 worth of stuff and get a FREE 8 x 11 print of  ‘Eye on the pie’.

dog eyes pie

lots of great cards at a great price, a steal practically.
lovely cards, we call them ‘seconds’ but they are still lovely.
10 for $10 or $1.50 for a single card.


Be there or be square…

cat points to square

by Buddy on August 11, 2011

dogs with hats

Anne likes to put hats on dogs.
She also likes fascinators.
She was in a hat shop recently and tried some on.
Tres charmant.

I don’t model the hats so she got Ruby to model her creations.
Ruby is a chihuahua mix. Anne finds Ruby tres charmant.

I am still and always the premier muse, I am the orange eminence.
And don’t forget it.


Buddy Mueller


Bear Pond

by Buddy on June 14, 2011

anne signs books

This is Anne at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier. She had a book-signing/reading.
I think she had a good time. She said she did and I believe her.
She read ‘Bud & Gabby’ and ‘No Dogs Allowed’ and they’re both funny books so she got some laughs. Beth made cookies shaped like dog bones and everyone had a good time. I couldn’t be there but Sofie was and apparently she was distracting to Joe who was in charge of the camera and that’s why all the pictures are a little fuzzed.

Speaking of Fuzz…

Fun Fact:
Did you know that Anne is allergic to cats and dogs???

Buddy Mueller doll

by Buddy on May 14, 2011

I like this. I like my sweater.
stuffed cat doll

I think Anne should make these and sell them. And finally make some decent $$$.
This photo was taken on the back porch. It’s truly spring here in Vermont. We’re not in a flood zone, the robins are back (I don’t eat robins, honest) and life is good.