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From the yearly archives:


I’m stuffed, ha ha

by Buddy on May 13, 2011

Anne is constructing a cuddly version of me out of felt and stuffing.

What do you think?
I think it has potential. I’ve always wanted to be represented 3-dimensionally. Whatever that means.

It’s coming along.
Tomorrow it will be finished and I’ll show it to you.
Right now Anne is knitting a sweater for the Bud Boy Doll.

cat face toy

click on it baby

by Buddy on May 10, 2011

This is awesome. Start to read my book. Just click on this picture…

book cover no dogs allowed

Did you click on it?
It’s like magic, you get to look inside. What will they think of next?
But, take my word for it, it’s even better in person.

So, I’m very excited about my new book. I didn’t actually write it. Anne wrote it and did the art but there would be no book if it weren’t for YOURS TRULY, THE MUSE EXTRAORDINAIRE.

Buddy’s Butler

by Buddy on April 6, 2011

I know many of you are wondering if I’m going to make it to the reading on May 21st.

I hate to disappoint but the answer is ‘NO’. I will, however, be there in spirit.

I don’t get out much these days. I like to stay at home in my luxury flat and have my butler attend to all my needs.

cat serving fancy drink

All old people should have it so good. Seriously.  I get all the milk products I want and fancy tins of gourmet foods accented with canned pumpkin (which I LOVE – and it’s an excellent digestive) and some fancy magic elixir which comes in a bottle and Anne squirts on my food. Another digestive aid. Now that I’m a senior I have gotten fussy when it comes to dietary matters  …

sometimes I just want to sleep in the sun… or meditate on oneness… OM Baby OM

cat meditates bird on head

inside the book

by Buddy on March 31, 2011

dog with sign

No Dogs Allowed

by Buddy on March 30, 2011

Big Big, really BIG NEWS !

Anne’s new kid’s book is coming in May.
That’s me on the cover.
I love being on book covers. I think I look pretty good.

book cover no dogs allowed

Published by good old Harper Collins. They did a nice job.
Orange endpapers to match my stunningly beautiful coat.
check it out HERE

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I will give you a look inside. A sneak preview.

a message from Sofie

by Sofie on February 25, 2011

dog at keyboard

akd;ogh dkgoh90eodnmvmaka dkdga;gj
dgskdgoihgidl  doihdo oodgdk dosojso dog

sketch artist

by Buddy on February 24, 2011

cat w pencil and pad
Buddy Mueller takes pencil in hand.
This is my drawing of Anne.
I can’t draw fingers so I leave them out.
Not bad, eh?

And now for the answer to yesterdays  quiz…

I was holding in my hand a …. giant meatball.

I’m back

by Buddy on February 23, 2011

it’s blogging time again.
I’ve  been busy doing nothing that’s why you haven’t heard from me.
Anne says nobody is reading this blog, so what difference does it make.
I say, ‘so what, I’m doing it anyway’.

cat holds ball

a little quiz…

guess what I’m holding ?

a) a snowball ?

b) a meatball ?

c) an artisan  cheese ?

I’ll have your answer tomorrow.

notice how I’m cleverly luring you in.

Happy New Year one and all

by Buddy on January 13, 2011

lots of partying cats and dogs

It’s the Fur Ball again.
That’s me, playing the piano.
We are a motley assortment, are we not?
What can I say, we like to party.