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From the yearly archives:


Calendar 2017

by Buddy on October 27, 2016

New Calendar Alert
Good news.
Anne finished the 2017 Anne Made Calendar.
To order one you do have to go to the Zazzle website which can be a  pain in the butt…
BUT it’s the way we do our calendars now.

I thought I’d show you some of my fav paintings from the calendar.
(Never before seen by the general public)

Here’s Beth and her two cats…
Harry and Clara.
Our neighbors.
When Beth is out of town I go down and check up on these two hairy beasts.
I make sure they’re getting enough to eat.


Another painting from the new calendar.
It’s Cuthbert.
He loves a good box as you can see here.

Cuthbert is Pete’s cat.
I might have talked about Cuthbert before.
He’s the blind master of the Young Domain.
Anne wants to write a story about Cuthbert.

Speaking of stories…

Anne’s working on a story she’s calling ‘Dave and the Boys’.

Here they are. A man and his dachshunds…


They go everywhere together…


It’s a new thing she’s trying out.
She’s changing her definition of what a portrait can be.
It can be a little story that Anne illustrates.
With paintings and drawings.
She’s grooving on this new concept.

So that’s all for now.

Glad to touch base with you from time to time.
Anne is the reluctant social net-worker so here I am writing the blog.
Just me- blabblin’ on the blog
It is my blog after all- HAH!


cartoon school

by Buddy on September 8, 2016

holy smokes… it’s been way too long since I’ve blogged (how many blog posts have I opened with that thought?… tons!!!)

So here’s what’s been happening… Anne went to cartoon school…


Here it is…. the classroom at the Center for Cartoon Studies


Some of Anne’s fellow cartoonists… yes, that’s a dog


Anne had a stomach ache all week… she thinks it was stress. This is what she ate…


At night she spread out in her room at the Coolidge Hotel. She loved the Coolidge.


This is Anne’s work table when she was in school… she loved being here with all of her pens and pencils and markers and paints…


I have lots more to share but right now I have to tear myself away and get ready for my yoga class.

Hello there… some new cards

by Buddy on May 17, 2016

Hey, can you believe it… we have a few new cards. Anne has been working her butt off and I think she has a few winners.

I am particularly fond of this one…

cat w candy and flowers

Speaks for itself. A good pal is about to get her ‘hips removed’ and this card is just the ticket. So all-purpose, can cover a whole list of ailments.

Finally another Hannukah card…

rabbi as dog w fam

There’s a story here. The rabbi and his little family and all that goes on in their household.  Anne is not Jewish but keen to learn more of all their traditions. Sofie is posing as the rabbi. Is that wrong?

This is where they live…

brownstone w windows


And then there is the Graduation card.
Sofie posed for this one too…

dog w mortarboard

Yes, schooling, so important and then if you graduate you get to wear a mortarboard and a robe and I hear it really doesn’t matter what you wear underneath . Anne is all finished with her formal schooling but likes to learn new things on her own. She’s teaching herself how to play the ukelele. More about that later.


And though I am loathe to be talking about the winter holiday in this the month of May, I will share this baby…

car w christmas tree driven by hound dog

Homeward bound they are. There is a story here too. This is a single mom with her kids. When they get home they’ll have some soup and saltines. Then they’ll decorate the tree. There’s more to this story too.

And here we have ‘Four Sad Paws’…

flowers and dog & cat paws

For the saddest of times. Yes, those are Sofie’s paws. Notice how long her finger nails are. Anne must get them trimmed soon.

But on the bright side…

gay wedding cake topper w dogs

Anne needed an update on the wedding card. This happy couple could be two guys, two gals or two trans-gender folks. It’s all good. Love is love is love. And that’s a fact. Sofie is posing here again.

These cards will be on sale soon but first  we must send the art off to the printer and get the website updated and all that baloney. So I say to Anne… put your work hat on now girl, take off the beret of the artiste and put on the shaded visor of the chief exec and knuckle down. We have a business to run here.


We went to the beach

by Buddy on April 4, 2016

Hey,  we’re back from vacation. Want to see some photos?

First day at the beach and look at this… no boots, no socks just cute little red shoes.



Here’s a beach pig that we met.


Biking on the beach is the best says Anne.

lady w bike helmet by the sea

Dig this crazy tree. It’s a live oak. It’s a damn big tree. See Anne for scale.



Here’s the gorgeous nature shot- a beauteous morn down by the pier.


Anne did lots of drawings. My next blog post I’ll show you that stuff.
Here she is drawing and this time she’s not even wearing shoes… and no jacket or sweater. Love the warm breezy air.


night time by the light of the little lamp, things cool off a bit and Anne wears a sweater. Brrrr.


Sofie had a good time too. She likes traveling with her peeps and is always up for a roadtrip.



Sofie always gets a sofa…


ear drape

Except at the Quality Inn where she made due on the floor.


This was our last night coming home. The Quality Inn. It was late and Sofie couldn’t sleep so she went out looking for the ice machine. She loves ice.


Yay, I finally blogged. I’m so proud of myself. I hope you enjoy the photos.



grouchy and cheerful

by Buddy on January 12, 2016

Hey… We’re back. Happy New Year.

It’s been a while. I want you to know that Anne has been busy.  She’s drawing all the time. Here’s some of the stuff that is going on in her sketchbook. I hope you like it. I’m totally digging it.

These drawings really don’t call for much explanation. They speak for themselves. Enjoy!

grumpy cat, happy dog

dog talk

I swear I’m going to be blogging more. I just have to get the hang of this again.