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road trip etc

by Buddy on April 7, 2015

Thought I’d show you some photos from the road trip.

Sofie loved the motel experience…


she loved her staircase…


It didn’t take her long to get the hang of it…


The gang went to the DALI Museum in St Petersburg…


more from Anne’s sketchbook…




sketch book

by Buddy on February 5, 2015

Anne really digs having sketchbooks. They come in all shapes and sizes. She’s also into the wonderful world of pens, markers, brush pens, nibs… don’t get her started on nibs.

I personally think it’s fun to look at other people’s
sketchbooks/journals/diaries/personal notation documents…
or whatever you want to call them.

So here’s a selection of pages for your entertainment…



food smells





And here’s another shot of my new roomie, Ben/Benny/Benjamin/Mr.Benny.
Freakin’ adorable I must say.

shy guy




oh the cold…

by Buddy on November 28, 2014

Not my favorite time of year… a little dark for my tastes. But don’t get me wrong. I love it here. LOVE IT. We have a pellet stove for warmth and I practically live inside of it all winter. And this place has plenty of couches. Anne likes a good couch, or sofa, if you prefer. Sofie has her own sofa of course. Made from cushions from the old sofa and covered with a nice fleece. Benny is alive and well and still does not trust Sofie. Benny is a hybrid of some sort. He’s very well mannered. I’ve been showing him some moves on how to punch Sofie in the nose if she’s bothering him. He says, he’s not a fighter, doesn’t have that ‘pissed off cat persona’ that I have mastered.

This is Benny


what a relief

by Buddy on May 23, 2014

PHEW. Okay, so we’re done with the move and all settled in.

We’re all greatly relieved.

basement shopcards in boxes

Yes, the basement has been magically transformed into greeting card central.

No more long commutes in the winter. What a relief. And Anne has always loved the basement. She’s ridiculously enthusiastic about the new space.

And the new space is just a stairway away.

basement stairs

it’s a moving sale…

by Buddy on April 22, 2014

Help us clean out our warehouse

cat carries boxes

The news is…
We’re moving out of the Anne Made Warehouse in downtown Barre.

We’re moving to a  smaller, neater, warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer location closer to home… actually it’s literally ‘at home’. You should see our basement. It looks great. Shelves upon shelves filled neatly with inventory. Anne, Joe and Ben worked their butts off. It was big job but Anne is an organizational genius. At least that’s what I heard her telling Joe.
I’m calling it the Anne Made Annex

It’s a streamlining of our operation.  So before we move out of the good old warehouse on Merchant Street in downtown Barre, Vermont, Anne is going to have a big blow-out sale.

LOTS of CARDS, of course.

But also shelving, desks, folding tables, office chairs.
Also an oddball assortment of stuff that has just piled up.
Like a motor cycle helmet, an electric snow sweeper, and a laminator.
Fascinating, huh?
Come be surprised and help us clean up.
Friday and Saturday, April 25 and 26. 10AM to 3PM.
16 Merchant Street (behind Central Market).


My Vacay…

by Buddy on February 17, 2014

Greetings and salutations to you who are reading this blog,

A fine time was had by all in Florida…

The wild life was amazing… I saw, with my own two eyes, gators chatting by the side of the road. They were giving me the stink-eye. I paid them no mind. The manatees were like big slow moving torpedos, or giant enchiladas. The orange groves were ubiquitous. And the palm trees. Whoa, also ubiquitous. So many birds. Don’t worry… I don’t hunt birds anymore so I left them alone. The egrets and the ibises and the pelicans and the herons and the little brown birds and the gulls. I like Florida.

Sofie enjoyed the beach scene.

beach scene w/dog and cat


from the desk of Buddy Mueller…

by Buddy on February 5, 2014

bud at computer

Greetings young and  old,

It’s cold here. Damn cold. So cold the squirrels are wearing mittens. Not really but I’m sure they could use some nice little sweaters. Something like what I’m wearing here. Anne knit the sweater for me. And my jaunty beret. So I’m toasty. I am a bit of a geezer cat I admit. The frigid climes in which I live are bracing and bone chilling so I have persuaded Anne to accompany me to Florida. We’ve never been there but we have watched all  of Dexter, whatever that means. So attention shoppers, we won’t be shipping cards from Feb1- Feb16.



tick tock

by Buddy on December 4, 2013

Hello Stranger,
I know, I know… long time no blog. What can I say. I’m a lazy cat. Big time.

So here’s what I got for you… Clocks.
Anne did a series of clocks way back in time and now she’s fixing up the last of them and is going to sell them on ETSY.
Take a look and stay tuned to ETSY if you have interest in the purchase of certain vintage Anne Made Clocks.

the lineup
The Lineup

noodle clock

The Noodle Clock
I'm lookin' at you clock

The I’m looking at you clock

the calendar

by Buddy on October 28, 2013

Hey, we have a calendar for you. And in a relatively timely fashion. In years past Anne has labored over  the ‘in house’ production of the annual calendar. Some years it just didn’t happen. Different formats and papers and binding and the printer isn’t working and it’s November and where the heck is the calender and all that. Before that there was the beautiful professionally farmed out version that looked great but was expensive to produce. So the discovery of Zazzle is  freakin’ fabulous as far as Anne is concerned. Really. Not familiar with Zazzle? It’s cool. They produce on demand calendars that we have designed. Anne loves it. We hope you do too.

Here’s what it looks like…

dog plays flute

here’s the back…

dogs and cats with hats

Ignore all the stuff about ‘personalization’ if you go to shop. It doesn’t apply to our calendar.

And here’s the link to ZAZZLE




painting people

by Anne on August 4, 2013

Time to paint a portrait of Daphne…

paintings underway

I’m liking this first stage …
but I wasn’t happy with the seated figure on the left…

So I stood her up and gave her a tasteful and cool outfit. I’m into gray. And I like painting women.


girl in gray

Portrait in Gray / Acrylic on panel 16×24″


portrait red skirt

‘Red Skirt’  acrylic on panel 16×24″


I love drawing and painting people. I like that I can include an animal but it’s not the focus. Kind of a relief.