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From the monthly archives:

June 2010

the muses assembled

by Buddy on June 16, 2010

Cookie, Teacup, Bodhi and our new addition Sofie.
I am far right, looking wacky and Gabby is playing hide and seek,
or just hiding, under the couch.
We are the raw material Anne works from.

The Sparkler

by Buddy on June 8, 2010

Sparkle sparkles and runs a beatnik household with her parents Lance and Elaine in the city. She wears galoshes and an overcoat in the winter when it’s very cold.

Here comes trouble…

by Buddy on June 8, 2010

Teacup, entertainer extraordinaire.
She lives with John and Amy and LOVES EVERYBODY.
She likes to eat big raw carrots and will tackle a big hunk of cabbage with gusto.

Mister Dog

by Buddy on June 8, 2010

This Big White Dog lives with Kathryn and Eric and despite his bigness is a real pussycat. I don’t think he really ate those chickens. But he did eat all the salami off the hors d’oeuvres tray and he really likes cheese.

Oh those eyes

by Buddy on June 8, 2010

My Cookie. Perfect dog and great pal. Loved to escape and run. Where would she go? Liked to head to Burger King or the Snack Shack. Sometimes she’d get a ride in a cop car. That was always fun. So Anne and Cookie used a leash. Anne and Cookie must have walked and run 1000 miles together.

Bud the muse

by Buddy on June 8, 2010

Smart, handsome and charismatic, Buddy likes to open cupboards and pull out the canned goods. Makes quite a noise. He plays the piano with great enthusiasm. He hates the winter, says “it freezes my nuts” and loves the summer when he can hunt and catch the rays. Born in a Vermont commune 19 years ago, he is still robust and the apple of Anne’s eye. Such a guy.

Bright Gabby

by Buddy on June 8, 2010

BRIGHT GABBY—Like sunshine still and always… and such a funny girl. How we got that colander on her head I’ll never know. Gabby never told a lie except when she didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Her angel wings are taking her all over creation.