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From the monthly archives:

August 2010

Sofie on peach

by Buddy on August 31, 2010

brown dog soleful gaze

Anne is happily painting Sofie these days.
It’s her current project/obsession.
She is back with the Anneplanne.
It’s stinkin’ hot outside so I’m staying in the house
and doing some PAPERWORK.

cat tears newspaper

reading the paper

by Buddy on August 29, 2010

dog stares lady reads paper

okay, here we are again. the basic unit, sort of/almost.
Joe is in the kitchen chopping chard.
we’re expecting company for dinner.

slice of life

by Buddy on August 28, 2010

and the dog gets a little snacky.
the dog will do anything for a bite to eat.
oh how she loves her food.
don’t get me wrong.
she’s really quite charming.

frosted tips

by Buddy on August 12, 2010

cute furry dog

Another portrait for you.

It’s Marzipan as Pup. And the photo shows her all grown up. In  her boat.  I think she wins the hairdo competition.

sam and louise

by Buddy on August 9, 2010

skinny lady with big cat

This is the famous ‘Sam and Louise’ painting (of the famous Sam and the famous Louise). I thought you might be interested in seeing the photo the painting was based on. As you can see,  Anne doesn’t do a literal translation.  She does capture a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, (excuse my french) of the subject at hand.
(Anne is uncomfortable with name dropping. she thinks it’s in poor taste. how lame is that. so I’ll tell you that it’s Louise Gluck famous poet who won the Pulitzer Surprise a few years back. I can’t link you to her blog cause she doesn’t have one)

lady holding big cat

dog days

by Buddy on August 5, 2010

Basin Harbor

Anne went to Basin Harbor to paint and she took Cookie with her. Cookie didn’t care for the place.
She wasn’t a swimmer and I think she was just homesick. Also Cookie didn’t go for playing ‘catch’ or any of those other stupid dog games. I guess Cookie’s idea of fun is hanging around the house, like the time we posed with Gabby for that three friends birthday card.