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From the monthly archives:

February 2011

a message from Sofie

by Buddy on February 25, 2011

dog at keyboard

akd;ogh dkgoh90eodnmvmaka dkdga;gj
dgskdgoihgidl  doihdo oodgdk dosojso dog

sketch artist

by Buddy on February 24, 2011

cat w pencil and pad
Buddy Mueller takes pencil in hand.
This is my drawing of Anne.
I can’t draw fingers so I leave them out.
Not bad, eh?

And now for the answer to yesterdays  quiz…

I was holding in my hand a …. giant meatball.

I’m back

by Buddy on February 23, 2011

it’s blogging time again.
I’ve  been busy doing nothing that’s why you haven’t heard from me.
Anne says nobody is reading this blog, so what difference does it make.
I say, ‘so what, I’m doing it anyway’.

cat holds ball

a little quiz…

guess what I’m holding ?

a) a snowball ?

b) a meatball ?

c) an artisan  cheese ?

I’ll have your answer tomorrow.

notice how I’m cleverly luring you in.