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From the monthly archives:

August 2011

flood news

by Buddy on August 30, 2011

cats w umbrella

Hurricane Irene was not nice to much of Vermont. We live in the relatively unscathed town of Barre. For which we are very grateful.

Many other parts of Vermont – not so nice.

We love our local -truly local- radio station WDEV in Waterbury Vermont, that keep us informed. Many heroes. Many stories to unfold.

Pictured here, me and Gabby going out to seek folks in need of an umbrella.



to market

by Buddy on August 29, 2011

Anne Made is going to be at the Capital City Farmer’s Market in Montpelier this Saturday. She will be displaying/selling her wares.
Joe will be serving as sales manager. He enjoys the marketplace. I would go but the dogs make me nervous. But it’s a nice market. The pizza is to die for and if you like vegetables you’re in luck. Frankly, I don’t like vegetables, but I do like pie…

speaking of pie…

There will be a special. Buy $20 worth of stuff and get a FREE 8 x 11 print of  ‘Eye on the pie’.

dog eyes pie

lots of great cards at a great price, a steal practically.
lovely cards, we call them ‘seconds’ but they are still lovely.
10 for $10 or $1.50 for a single card.


Be there or be square…

cat points to square

by Buddy on August 11, 2011

dogs with hats

Anne likes to put hats on dogs.
She also likes fascinators.
She was in a hat shop recently and tried some on.
Tres charmant.

I don’t model the hats so she got Ruby to model her creations.
Ruby is a chihuahua mix. Anne finds Ruby tres charmant.

I am still and always the premier muse, I am the orange eminence.
And don’t forget it.


Buddy Mueller