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From the monthly archives:

October 2011

ANNE MADE calendar

by Buddy on October 15, 2011

Hey Everyone,

I have a real question, very important.

When you buy a calendar what do you use it for ?

A) Decoration, a little piece of  art to hang ?
B) A handy reminder of what day it is (and what month and year if necessary) and another entertaining picture every month ?
C) All of the above but you also like to write your dates and engagements in ?
D) You keep all your dates in a personal devise ?
E) You don’t need any kind of calendar, you keep it all ‘in your head’ ? ( oh right, like that really works)

calendar hound

Would you prefer the single page or the double?
Thoughts ? I’m very curious to know what the Anne Made clientele
might be interested in. It’s late to be producing a calendar for 2012
but we simply must do one this year (Anne promised people).
It’s going to be a limited edition so make sure you get your order in early.
Stay tuned right here at Buddy’s Blog or on Facebook and
I’ll let you know as soon as they are ready.