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From the monthly archives:

March 2012


by Buddy on March 21, 2012

Bug Patrol… look out.
Time to police the premises for bugs and what-nots.
I have risen from my winter ennui. So refreshing.
The Bud is back.

two cats eye bumblebee

Buddy says

by Buddy on March 16, 2012

Anne’s thinking of a new card line for the disgruntled. Thoughts?

cat sketch

grumpy cat greeting

more grumpy cat


motley crew*

by Buddy on March 14, 2012

*An assorted and ill-disciplined group of ne’er do wells.

assorted cat sketches

Clockwise from top left: Joey, Booker, Tiger, Eugene, Melba, Vince, Gabby and me Buddy Mueller.

Buddy is bored

by Buddy on March 2, 2012

cat looks askance at birds

Buddy is bored today
more bored than yesterday
snow out, can’t go and play
this ain’t no holiday
this poem stinks perhaps
oh well, I am a cat