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From the monthly archives:

June 2012

the stubborns

by Buddy on June 22, 2012

Anne is working on a new book for kids. It’s about Sofie and Sam.
Sam is a small Anne, by the way.
This book may be seen as autobiographical but who knows.

Here is a little snippet, a thumbnail sketch, a sneak peak of what’s to come.

girl and dog drawing

Get the picture? They have issues. But they are such great friends.
Stay tuned, I will have more to report as the book develops.


by Buddy on June 21, 2012

dog and cat in boat

Perfect day to be on the lake, don’t you think?
I’m fishing for bass. Sofie is along for the ride.
I told her she should wear a life jacket but she said she was an excellent swimmer.
I don’t swim but I have no intention of falling in.