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From the monthly archives:

September 2012

Buddy’s back

by Buddy on September 2, 2012

Hello again… sorry for the long absence. I’ve been up to my whiskers in all the duties of running Anne’s business while she works on some new cards. Like some sympathy cards. And they can be tough… because they can’t be humorous and we don’t want sappy either. So I’m posting some new paintings Anne did. I think she did an excellent job. The hardest part is what to say on the inside of the card. Anne has stuck pretty much with the ‘We are so very sorry’ sentiment. It’s okay, I mean of course you’re sorry.

But here’s what you want to say…

“It totally sucks that your beloved dog/cat died. It stinks, it stinks. it stinks.
I know your heart is breaking and all I can do is send you a card, and a little piece of my heart.”

Anyway… here’s what Anne has come up with.

dog cat watch sailboat depart w friend


dog boat sunset

‘Sail Away’

dog and cat noses w flowers

The Sweet Farewell

Well, I guess I’ll be blogging off now. There’s much more to report so you’ll be hearing from me.