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From the monthly archives:

January 2013

love your neighbor

by Buddy on January 31, 2013

Hey Everybody,

I know, I know… I’m a lazy blogger. But I’ve been busy in the Anne Made Workshop helping out with the latest Anne creation. We’re making ‘BookKards’. We sold some last summer at the farmer’s market… maybe you saw them. Now we’re getting ready to put them on our ETSY page. Valentine’s day is coming so to we’re starting with the Valentine BookKard. What do you think of the name? I think it’s kinda catchy.

Ten pages,  5 x 3 1/2″. Room to write your own thing or just sign your name.
It’s not a card. It’s not a book…It’s a Bookkard. It’s kinda Gifty as well (hint hint).
Each page has a great little picture of some handsome animal and a few choice words to charm your pants off. What’s not to love. We all think they are very smart.

cat figure with book

It’s the first in a series. Next up is a Birthday BookKard. Anne’s idea is to do a whole bunch. In the works is a New Baby, Sympathy, Get Well, Mother’s Day, and the list could go on. But one thing at a time.

It’s the inauguration of the Anne Made Miniature Library.

little books

It’s small, but not too small to fit in a little envelope and pop in the mail and send to all your darlings.

card envelope pen

mini cat sculpture etc

So if you’re curious and want to check them out go to our ETSY page to place your order. That’s the only place you can buy one. They are $9.00 and worth every penny. They are hand-made and believe me I slaved over these little suckers. All that cutting and stapling and pasting. So it’s kept me busy and gives me an excuse not to go outside. I like being warm inside. Sofie ventures out, into the cold, wet, icy, slushy, windy winter. But she wears boots…

dog w/booties

What a gal