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From the monthly archives:

November 2014

oh the cold…

by Buddy on November 28, 2014

Not my favorite time of year… a little dark for my tastes. But don’t get me wrong. I love it here. LOVE IT. We have a pellet stove for warmth and I practically live inside of it all winter. And this place has plenty of couches. Anne likes a good couch, or sofa, if you prefer. Sofie has her own sofa of course. Made from cushions from the old sofa and covered with a nice fleece. Benny is alive and well and still does not trust Sofie. Benny is a hybrid of some sort. He’s very well mannered. I’ve been showing him some moves on how to punch Sofie in the nose if she’s bothering him. He says, he’s not a fighter, doesn’t have that ‘pissed off cat persona’ that I have mastered.

This is Benny