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From the monthly archives:

April 2016

We went to the beach

by Buddy on April 4, 2016

Hey,  we’re back from vacation. Want to see some photos?

First day at the beach and look at this… no boots, no socks just cute little red shoes.



Here’s a beach pig that we met.


Biking on the beach is the best says Anne.

lady w bike helmet by the sea

Dig this crazy tree. It’s a live oak. It’s a damn big tree. See Anne for scale.



Here’s the gorgeous nature shot- a beauteous morn down by the pier.


Anne did lots of drawings. My next blog post I’ll show you that stuff.
Here she is drawing and this time she’s not even wearing shoes… and no jacket or sweater. Love the warm breezy air.


night time by the light of the little lamp, things cool off a bit and Anne wears a sweater. Brrrr.


Sofie had a good time too. She likes traveling with her peeps and is always up for a roadtrip.



Sofie always gets a sofa…


ear drape

Except at the Quality Inn where she made due on the floor.


This was our last night coming home. The Quality Inn. It was late and Sofie couldn’t sleep so she went out looking for the ice machine. She loves ice.


Yay, I finally blogged. I’m so proud of myself. I hope you enjoy the photos.