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From the monthly archives:

September 2016

cartoon school

by Buddy on September 8, 2016

holy smokes… it’s been way too long since I’ve blogged (how many blog posts have I opened with that thought?… tons!!!)

So here’s what’s been happening… Anne went to cartoon school…


Here it is…. the classroom at the Center for Cartoon Studies


Some of Anne’s fellow cartoonists… yes, that’s a dog


Anne had a stomach ache all week… she thinks it was stress. This is what she ate…


At night she spread out in her room at the Coolidge Hotel. She loved the Coolidge.


This is Anne’s work table when she was in school… she loved being here with all of her pens and pencils and markers and paints…


I have lots more to share but right now I have to tear myself away and get ready for my yoga class.