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From the monthly archives:

February 2017

February Ruminations

by Buddy on February 17, 2017

Anne asked me to get back to the blog. I’m her blogger and I’m also lazy so we can run into issues. But I’m here and I’m ready to blab.

We’re heading to Florida in a week so I have to do a newsletter and maybe have some kind of cool sale before we go. Anne thinks I should cool it with the ‘cool’ sale stuff. She’s ready to go on vacation now. I say… ‘the show must go on!’ Decided… we’ll do a sale.

Today we are loving all the sunshine on the white snow. This shot shows you Anne’s commute to work every day. Awesome commute.


Meanwhile inside the studio there’s a big drawing of Sofie and a painting of a moment in time at the beach. The painting is a work in progress but the drawing stays the same. Anne likes it just the way it is and thinks she’d ruin it if she did any more to it.


Moving right along on our studio tour… here we have a slightly out of focus view of the current book project. It’s about dachshunds and a guy named Dave.


Another table shot… on the right is a piece of Anne’s graphic opus. Anne needs to get back to her opus.

Anne’s opus is all tied up with whats going on in these books.



And here’s Benny. Yes… he is terrifically handsome, I’ll give you that. His Doc just told him he needs to loose weight. It’s all about portion control now. I guess Anne was feeding him too much. Joe suspects Benny bulked up from going into the basement after midnight and eating mice.



And here’s the quaint entrance to the world of Anne and company. See all that snow? It’s gorgeous and we love it but we also like getting out of town for a few days in the dead of winter. And we’re going to!!!! Can’t wait. Just like last year. Anne said she intends to do some great art work and/or some bad art work while she’s on vacay.


In closing:

I don’t know… how was this for an update?
Big Waste of Time?

Until next time dear reader… Ciao baby.