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From the monthly archives:

April 2017

catch up time

by Buddy on April 20, 2017

Hey there,

Blog time. I really wonder who reads this blog. It’s not interactive so I really have no idea. Every once in a while someone tells me or Anne that they like our blog but basically we don’t have a clue. Is it worth all the trouble I have with the keyboard and my fat little furry paws? And yet here I am again. So…

We went to Florida, had a good time, Anne did some art work…

Self portrait with Sofie.

Sofie is a good traveler. Here she is en route in the back of the car. She needs a manicure… look at those nails.


I did okay. I’m not really crazy about the beach but I put up with it to make Anne happy.

lets go beach
You don’t see many cats on the beach… what am I doing here anyway?

Oh right… I did some bird watching. Note how I am maintaining eye-contact.

lets go stare down

Also to note…

We’re getting ready to do some t-shirts with our new favorite logo. For these changing times.

pussy hats

Anne did this for the Women’s March in January and this guy does not want to go away. Look at him. He’s mad as hell and he’s ready to go. Let’s put him to work.

We’ll start out with t-shirts with a % of all sales going to Planned Parenthood and other worthy causes.

lets go shirt

How do I look?
Too boxy?
Anyway, Anne’s planning on doing some other styles and colors. I’m just modeling this one for your entertainment.

I feel like there is another blog inside of me but I’m going to wait a week to blog/blab further. But I have more Anne art to show you and I gotta keep the ball rolling.

Cheers to you, friends, fans, family… to whoever is reading this now.