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From the monthly archives:

November 2017

Some personal favorites of mine

by Buddy on November 29, 2017

Holiday Cards Anyone ?…

I thought I would share with you a sampling of some of my personal favorites (in which I am featured).

‘REJOICE’… is this cards message.
It’s a good one to send if you
don’t want to do the ‘Merry’ thing.
Send it as a ‘Happy New Year’ card and ‘REJOICE’

Ah yes… the all species holiday toast.
This was Christmas dinner back when we were still inviting the skunk.

Here I am in my true element…
with my homies.
Grooving on jazz  no doubt.

And here is a sampling of some of my
personal favorites in which I am not featured.

The kissing ball. This is one of our new cards this year.
In this one Anne was inspired by two dear friends who have traveled over to the other side… Booker and Cookie… long gone but not forgotten.

This one was inspired by a
famous painting. Check it out here.
I think Anne’s is way better-
more colorful-and the dog looks
fabulous in that red outfit.

Anne got Sofie and Benny and Lucy to pose for this.
It was quite a production.
They all wanted to hold the donuts but Lucy was
selected for the honor.
I love donuts.
I wish I was Jewish.

Look at all these farm animals. No way they were posing for Anne. She made this one up. This one is called ‘Peaceable Kingdom’ and Anne did it a while back but it’s still in print and I really like it. I give it ‘4 Paws.’

This one is good because it’s all about
everybody from everywhere…
and the best thing is that they’re all wearing hats!

I have many stories to share about all the characters that show up in Anne’s cards but… but I’ll save that for another time. Excuse any misspellings or grammatical faux-pas or sloppy punctuation and bear in mind that as a feline animal I did not attend grammar school or any other school. I am completely self-taught. I am a cat. Hear me roar/purr.