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From the monthly archives:

May 2018

some bird painting

by Buddy on May 3, 2018

The birds are back. Anne started painting these little guys when she was on vacation. These are matchboxes. She said it’s fun to paint very small things cause if you don’t like what you’re doing it’s really easy to paint over and start over.


Then she painted on little canvases.
Nice but I hear her complain about ‘canvas’
not being such an enjoyable surface to work on.
I have no idea what the big deal is.
But she’s the artist.


This is a nice bird.
So upbeat.
She just put it on her Etsy page and it sold right away.
It pays to be cheerful.


I also like this goofy guy with the funny hairdo.
Another happy bird.


There’s more on the Etsy page.
I’m posting these birds now cause Anne is just about done with the bird chapter for now.

Time to get back to her ‘domestic interiors’ with people and animals.

Like these… I like them a lot. So does Anne.