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From the monthly archives:

June 2018

Birds who tell time

by Buddy on June 2, 2018

We’re back in the clock business… briefly. A limited edition clock series. Anne is trying out this concept as a way to have fun making things that people might want to buy. This gull clock is one of a limited edition of 4. She made 5 but Lauren already bought one- and she even paid cash… which we love. Anne gets help cutting the wood and then she paints. She likes to put down a nice coat of paint. It’s very satisfying to paint on wood. Then she puts the clock parts together- and that’s a not as easy as it sounds.


Here’s some pictorial documentation.

Before the birds had ‘hands’…

This guy is trying to keep his feet from interfering with the ’12’.


This one has no feet. That solves the ’12’ problem.

Look at her feet.
She doesn’t care if she interferes with the ’12’.