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From the monthly archives:

December 2018

Anne’s Peaceable Kingdom

by Buddy on December 17, 2018

Peaceable Kingdom is the name of the show and the show is still on. On view at the CVMC- The Central Vermont Medical Center til January 5th. So it’s time to blog a little and go on about what a fine job Anne did and how cool the paintings are. Anne also gave a scintillating artist talk and since many of you were unable to attend I thought I would make a few remarks here in my blog.

Interiors/Part One

The Green Room
Acrylic on wood panel

Anne moved the furniture many times in this painting.
She painted and repainted the walls lots.
And trying to get that woman comfortable on the couch-
and putting a blanket on her-
and then taking it off cause it didn’t look right.
And making a nice rug for the cat.
The cat- who is the only one not napping.

You’ll notice the painting on the wall behind the pink couch hangs this next painting.

The Borrowed Blue Jacket
Acrylic on canvas and it’s 24×36″

It’s Joe Mueller.

Anne borrowed the jacket from Max Beckmann.
This artist she really loves.

Max does a really awesome job with the hands.
The hands were hanging Anne up-
so Anne gave her blue jacket pockets.

And here is the real Joe with his painting.

Orange Room with Three Cats
Acrylic on heavy plywood. It’s a big one… it’s 30×32″

Anne doesn’t really have an orange living room but some of her kitchen is orange.
And right now she only has one cat… not three.
But she does knit and has a window with a nice view.

The View
Acrylic on canvas and 10×10″.

It’s Benny keeping an eye on the neighbors.
And the birds.
And Anne’s bedroom really is green.
Anne likes to have windows in her paintings.
In real life she often looks out the windows.

Composition with Cat
Acrylic on Wood 11×12″

An artist with her hound dog. A cat slipping through the scenery.
Another painting with a window.
And through the window-
a naked branch on a snowy winter day.

In The Red Room
Acrylic on Panel 23×30″

Gray cat enjoying a good stomach rub.
Anne and I both love this painting.
I’m thinking it’s time to get on my back and have someone rub my stomach.

Read Anne’s Artist Statement and Bio here.

This has been Part One of my tour through Anne’s  show.

Up next: Part Two and we’ll be going outside.