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From the monthly archives:

August 2019

Anne’s miniature gallery

by Buddy on August 9, 2019

Art for Small Spaces  

Well this is crazy.
Look at all these mini paintings stacked like pancakes.

And here they are hanging up in the studio. Please note: Anne has started posting them to her Etsy store. We’re calling them trading cards. Like Anne had when she was a kid. Which was a long time ago. She’s old-ish. Been around. Anyway these cards have many different themes and stories, faces and places. Think of them as collectibles. And then start collecting them. They make nice little gifts.

As you can see subject matter is eclectic. Not just a bunch of birds and bunnies. I see a nun. I see a cat playing a piano next to George Washington.

More about this later. Next post I’m going to tell you about my trip to the beach. Holy smokes. Crazy. But fun.