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From the monthly archives:

April 2020

Buds & Gabbys

by Buddy on April 23, 2020

Guess what Anne’s been doing in her free time?

Sewing some of these crazy cute Bud and Gabby dolls. I don’t like calling them dolls but not sure what else to call them. Don’t want to call them ‘stuffed animals’ cause that makes them sound like turkeys. I can say that they are all one of a kind and truly handmade at Annemade by Anne.

Here’s Benny hanging with some of the Buddys
Look at these guys. You may know that I was the model for the very first Buddy that Anne made. That’s me on the far right. What a group. We could start a band, a boy-cat band.
This morning I found the Gabby girls doing some headstands. This might be yoga but I don’t know for sure.

Here’s what else is going on. Remus. He’s lodging with us during the quarantine. The other day I had to punch him in the nose. He was acting out. Dogs!!! But you know Anne. She loves all animals. Even the ones that bite her sometimes.

Not going anywhere…

by Buddy on April 3, 2020

Just staying safe at home. Me, bored? Never. I always have something to do.

Like organizing the essentials. I personally don’t have to worry about getting toilet paper because I’m a cat and our system of elimination is so much less a hassle than yours. We’re very tidy. We bury and we exit the box. Some of us have been trained to use a human toilet but we have no need for the paper.

What are you doing?

by Buddy on April 1, 2020

Playing solitaire and waiting for cocktail hour?

What if you’re on the wagon?

Read a book. Knit. Do a puzzle. Have a snack. Call a friend. Clean the litter box. Organize something.