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He was lost

by Buddy on July 2, 2018

But he was found

Benny- my protege in training- flew the coup a few weeks back. The lad has always been a house cat but he managed to escape one summer evening. Anne searched in the dark. She called his name, but it was all in vain. The night was long. Where was the little guy. We imagined the worst. Anne was sure he would get hopelessly lost. Have an ear chewed off. He doesn’t know his way around Barre, let alone the neighborhood. So not much sleep. Early the next morn Anne composed the heartbreaking ‘Missing’ poster and barely left the driveway when she thought to look under the porch, just in case…. and there he was… and he was so ready to come back in the house. In one piece. And very clean, just a cobweb or two. It was a very short ordeal.

Other local news:

This is another shot from the front porch.
Summer time.
The stoop.
We also have a back stoop.


And inside the studio…
Miniature paintings in the miniature painting gallery.

And on the wall… bigger stuff.

Small painting on right inspired the BIG ONE on the left.

She’s still working on it. Sofie is the model in this painting.

Note to Anne: Finish painting this week.


Note to the reader:

Thanks for reading.
Whoever you are.

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