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My latest interview with Anne

by Buddy on May 21, 2020

Hey friends, fans and anybody else who is reading this.

I thought it was time for another sit-down with Anne to find out how she’s doing in this time of strangeness.

I interviewed Anne on a sunny day in her studio when she was just finishing up some paintings that she had been commissioned to do. They were going very well so she was in a good mood and I was relieved to see that her shoulders weren’t all hunched up and she didn’t have that pained ‘things aren’t going very well’ look on her face. Anne was wearing one of her black ‘painting’ sweaters and her matching black ‘painting’ pants as we sat down to discuss work and life and love in these – let’s face it – crazy times.

Buddy: So what’s happening? You doing okay in this time of isolation.

Anne: I do well as a recluse. I like to putter and I have projects and I’m a homebody. And I’m back to making the Buddy and Gabby dolls with plans to make lots of them. This is a project that’s been on the back burner for a while and this is the perfect time to have some fun and make toys basically.

Buddy: Are you planning on selling them? And how much would they cost?

Anne: What a swell idea. Here’s the thing. They are time consuming and one of a kind and it’s not like I want to go into a grand production line turning them out cause then it wouldn’t be so much fun. It’s fun now. Experimenting with fabrics and embellishments like eye-lashes and toe-nails. And I like it that no two will be exactly alike. So how much would they cost? I’m not sure.

Buddy: So, change of subject. Are you going to get another dog?

Anne: Dogs?! Dogs dogs dogs. I love dogs. Everyday I check Petfinder. We want a dog that will be gentle and accommodating of Benny our number one house cat who doesn’t want to loose his place of honor on the couch and in the house.

Buddy: What kind of dogs are you looking at?

Anne: Oh my! So many appealing faces out there.

Here are some criteria. Must be adaptable to Benny. I do love the low riders. I love the hounds and the very long velvety ears. But the perky stand up ears have tremendous appeal. I like a long nose. I have loved pugs and terriers but they never wind up at the top of the list. No big dogs- as gorgeous and loveable and awesome as they may be. And no really hairy dogs. Asthma present. Joe always wanted a German shepherd but big and hairy and so I don’t think so.

But you just never know who might walk in the door and you fall in love.

These things have a way of working out on their own. 

When the woman is ready the dog will come.

Benny: And may I remind you of our lodger Remus. Another reason to hold off on adopting a dog. Who is this guy anyway and how did he wind up in our house.

Anne: Well he needed a place to stay and we took him in because he came with Ben who is our lodger/house-mate/sanitation-manager/handy-man/procurer of groceries and more. 

Benny: So Anne how’s your cartooning going Anne? You still drawing those pictures in your little books?

Anne: I am. Want to see some? 

Buddy: Well, yeah I do. 

Anne: Okay, I’ll send you some pictures later and you can include them in your next blog post.

Buddy: Sounds good. Any final words?

Anne: There’s a surprise around every corner so you just have to get used to it.

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