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tick tock a chicken clock

by Buddy on July 19, 2018

Anne did some more clocks. Limited editions… as in they are very satisfying to produce… as in it’s fun to use the scroll saw and cut out animal shapes and then paint this colorful and cool bird or dog or cat and make it look real pretty and drill the little hole and put in the clock hardware and then coat it with some polymer medium gloss so it looks gorgeous. It’s a bit of work. So Anne did three of the hound dog and two have sold so there’s one more if you are interested and there are 4 of the chicken cluck clocks.

So next up what Anne?
Oh… I see you’re going to take a break from the clock factory so you can work on your paintings for your upcoming show. That’s a good idea.

When and where the show and how is it coming along?

October at The Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin Vermont.
Some big walls there so I am thrilled to be doing some big paintings.

Like how big?

You’ll see.



Ooops.  Almost forgot. In case you would like to procure a clock you will need this link to our Etsy Shop.


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