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to market

by Buddy on August 29, 2011

Anne Made is going to be at the Capital City Farmer’s Market in Montpelier this Saturday. She will be displaying/selling her wares.
Joe will be serving as sales manager. He enjoys the marketplace. I would go but the dogs make me nervous. But it’s a nice market. The pizza is to die for and if you like vegetables you’re in luck. Frankly, I don’t like vegetables, but I do like pie…

speaking of pie…

There will be a special. Buy $20 worth of stuff and get a FREE 8 x 11 print of  ‘Eye on the pie’.

dog eyes pie

lots of great cards at a great price, a steal practically.
lovely cards, we call them ‘seconds’ but they are still lovely.
10 for $10 or $1.50 for a single card.


Be there or be square…

cat points to square

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