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Who is Dave anyway?

by Buddy on June 20, 2017

This was a new thing for Anne. A request for a portrait from a customer turned into a little book. A little book about Dave (a male of the human species) and Frankie and Leo (two dachshunds). Anne said telling a story and drawing and painting pictures is more fun than doing a “PORTRAIT”. Also she had a really nice customer/client/commissioner/dog-art patron who was fun to work with. She had stories galore about her boys and tons of photos that inspired Anne to tell a tale.
Anyway… If you want to look at the book you can go here…

It started out with a painting of Dave and the boys.

Then Anne did a lot of sketching…

And more painting…

and more drawing…

It was all in the way of an experiment really. Now Anne is discussing the possibility of offering this to others. The commemorative custom made book/written and illustrated by Anne Taylor Davis (Anne’s full name). I say it’s a jolly good idea. What do you think?

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