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Zazzle and the 2021 Calendar

by Buddy on December 4, 2020

Oh man, I’m so behind with the blogging. And now it’s our crazy time what with the holidays and all– but I want to remind everyone that the Anne Made 2021 Calendar is for sale at Zazzle

You want to see what we have lined up for you?
Here’s a sampling.

Here’s your Zazzle link – Just click on this corgi

And look! A corgi made the cover this year. A dog I can see eye to eye with. Literally… eye to eye… not figuratively. In other words the corgi is an awesomely short dog. Anyway, this dude made the cover but he also shows up during the year.

And dog-wise we also have added Remus the crazy Pomeranian/Chihuahua room-mate. (Who bites sometimes)

And for June we have the neighbor’s cat investigating the fish pond.
The fish survived.

They survived and then in October Anne brought them inside. Now we get a really good view of them. I like to stick my nose up to the glass and watch them and pretend I’m scuba diving.

Speaking of swimming. Here’s August and here’s the happy as hell quintessential black dog with frisbee at the beach.

Click on this corgi and you’ll wind up at Zazzle

That’s my blog update.
Now back to work for this guy.

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