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dog paintings/new

more portraits?

by Buddy on July 2, 2015

lady holding her petsAnne’s self-portrait with pets.

I sat down with Anne the other day to ask her some questions about her deal with portraiture. Seems she got a bit burned out on it a while ago but now she’s back. Over a cup of coffee we talked about her process and some of her new work.

Bud: So tell me, why does the portrait painting get you all jammed up? I don’t get it. You do such a very nice job.

Anne: Well, Buddy, when I take on a commission to paint the most beloved creature in someone’s life it carries a bit of weight. I want to truly immortalize this dog or cat who is so beloved. I want to capture the essence without going overboard trying to make a spitting image.

Bud: Which let’s face it, spitting images aren’t in your skill set, if you don’t mind my saying so.

Anne: No, it’s fine. it’s a fact. I render with license.

Bud: Yes, you do ‘render with license’. An apt turn of phrase I would say.

Anne: Yeah, right.

Bud: So what got you going again?

Anne: Well it started with Cuthbert… the great and revered blind as a bat cat…

blind cat

Anne: I liked the way it turned out and the recipient of said portrait was very happy with the results.

Bud: Well of course they were, why wouldn’t they be?

Anne: In the past when I’ve done portraits I get all bogged down trying too hard to please, to capture, to do a fabulous painting and I loose my spontaneity which is key to my process.

Bud: Fascinating… sort of… anyway… will you do more?

Anne: Yes, with conditions. Here’s my plan. Take on a commission asking for a 50% deposit and on completion if the customer is not happy with the painting and doesn’t want it then they don’t have to pay the rest. But this way they have to commit.

Bud: And do they get the deposit back if they don’t like it?

Anne: Hmmm. I’m thinking I’ll give them half of their deposit back. What do you think?

Bud: Nah, I say keep the whole thing. But you’re the boss. So what are you going to charge?

Anne: I’m working on a price sheet and a simple contract which I’ll post in the next few weeks.

Bud: Good, that gives you plenty of time to procrastinate. But I’m looking forward to what you come up with. It’s been grand chatting. Now, let’s get back to work.

 skinny lady with big catSam and Louise, one of Anne’s first commissioned portraits



ear flaps

by Buddy on September 2, 2010

little brown dog

I think she’s smiling.

Personally I don’t know about this one.
I mean, where’s the background? Anne says she likes the way the paint looks on the surface of the paper, that she’s playing and having fun and she doesn’t care what I think.

Anne’s friend Martha has a very cool store in Boston, Gracie Finn and some of these Sofie paintings were on view.  I thought it was a good idea for Anne to do some paintings of Sofie cause she’s so goo-goo over this dog.

Sofie on peach

by Buddy on August 31, 2010

brown dog soleful gaze

Anne is happily painting Sofie these days.
It’s her current project/obsession.
She is back with the Anneplanne.
It’s stinkin’ hot outside so I’m staying in the house
and doing some PAPERWORK.

cat tears newspaper

slice of life

by Buddy on August 28, 2010

and the dog gets a little snacky.
the dog will do anything for a bite to eat.
oh how she loves her food.
don’t get me wrong.
she’s really quite charming.