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Paintings New


by Buddy on February 20, 2019

Story of a cat- With pictures

This is JaKarr. She’s a blind cat who lives with Cleo and Carson and though Anne can be reluctant to do pet portraits she’s been known to make exceptions when there’s a story to tell. It’s not just about a pretty face ya know.

JaKarr helps Carson work. Carson and JaKarr have a special bond.

Get the picture. Here JaKarr is allowing Carson to share the chair. True love.

Almost there but she hasn’t done all the faces. The face and eyes are key. Especially the eyes. If the eyes aren’t right the picture doesn’t work.

Cleo gave us all kinds of info, stories and pictures. We had lots to work with. I say ‘we’, it’s mostly Anne who does the work… I just look over her shoulder and make helpful comments from time to time.

These paintings are all 10×10″. Anne likes working on a few paintings at a time when she does a portrait. There’s often more to say about the cat/dog/bird/rabbit/person than one image can express. Anne actually did the three paintings hoping one would pass muster but then in the end they all passed muster and so the JaKarr pictures are all with Carson and Cleo.

If you’re interested in portraits drop us a line.

Show Time

by Buddy on October 21, 2018

Holy Smokes!!!

Anne’s paintings are now hanging at the Central Vermont Medical Center…
a fine venue here in the heart of our green state.

See them all at the…

Opening Reception
Thursday November 8th 4:30-6:00
130 Fisher Road Berlin Vermont


Here’s her easy to understand artist statement and bio….


New Work by Anne Davis

Here’s what I’m looking at every day:

my dog

my cat

my husband

the view from my couch

the view out my studio window

trees and lakes and

there is so much green out there

what it looks like at the beach

people in bathing suits

people’s bodies

what they wear

the way they move

the many ways of sitting on a chair

or in a chair

and of course animals.

It’s a Peaceable Kingdom…

These paintings have all been done this year, but many of the canvases and panels are recycled relics from my artistic past. I painted over old paintings. I like the way doing this makes layers, makes history. I like the way doing this lends soul.

For years I’ve been painting dogs and cats and (sometimes) people. I’ve also kept sketchbooks of my daily life. With this peaceable kingdom in mind I’ve been able to combine the two and produce a whole new body of work.

When you start a painting you never know what you’re going to end up with. When I’m painting, I feel like a novice. I love to paint. It reminds me of what it felt like when I was a kid and I played in the dollhouse and made a world of my own happen.

A Brief Bio:

I went to art school in Philadelphia, the city of my birth. I studied fabric design there and tapestry weaving, and got into outsider art and working on a loom. I wove tapestries filled with strange primitive animals. Time passed and over the years I ended up working in many art (and non-art) related jobs. I worked as a bookbinder and a graphic designer. I designed window displays. But I wanted to be a self supporting artist and so I started my own greeting card business, Anne Made Cards. I learned a lot about painting from making all those cards. This led to publishing two children’s books with Harper Collins: Bud and Gabby and No Dogs Allowed. 

I live and work in Barre. The four big windows in my garage studio were put there by a previous owner—a granite sculptor who was noted for his angels.