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Peaceable Kingdom #2

by Buddy on January 22, 2019

And now we move outside. The outside paintings. The beaches, the yards, the lakes, the green grass, the green fields of Vermont and some other places Anne goes.

Peaceable Kingdom
Acrylic on Canvas
Sunday at the Lake
Acrylic on Canvas

Twin Peaks
Acrylic on Canvas

Shy Dog
Acrylic on Canvas
Cat Returns
Acrylic on Canvas
Hello Crow
Acrylic on Masonite
Acrylic on Board
Acrylic on Canvas
Silver Beach
Acrylic on Masonite
Mom and Daughter
Acrylic on Canvas
Acrylic on Board

Anne’s Peaceable Kingdom

by Buddy on December 17, 2018

Peaceable Kingdom is the name of the show and the show is still on. On view at the CVMC- The Central Vermont Medical Center til January 5th. So it’s time to blog a little and go on about what a fine job Anne did and how cool the paintings are. Anne also gave a scintillating artist talk and since many of you were unable to attend I thought I would make a few remarks here in my blog.

Interiors/Part One

The Green Room
Acrylic on wood panel

Anne moved the furniture many times in this painting.
She painted and repainted the walls lots.
And trying to get that woman comfortable on the couch-
and putting a blanket on her-
and then taking it off cause it didn’t look right.
And making a nice rug for the cat.
The cat- who is the only one not napping.

You’ll notice the painting on the wall behind the pink couch hangs this next painting.

The Borrowed Blue Jacket
Acrylic on canvas and it’s 24×36″

It’s Joe Mueller.

Anne borrowed the jacket from Max Beckmann.
This artist she really loves.

Max does a really awesome job with the hands.
The hands were hanging Anne up-
so Anne gave her blue jacket pockets.

And here is the real Joe with his painting.

Orange Room with Three Cats
Acrylic on heavy plywood. It’s a big one… it’s 30×32″

Anne doesn’t really have an orange living room but some of her kitchen is orange.
And right now she only has one cat… not three.
But she does knit and has a window with a nice view.

The View
Acrylic on canvas and 10×10″.

It’s Benny keeping an eye on the neighbors.
And the birds.
And Anne’s bedroom really is green.
Anne likes to have windows in her paintings.
In real life she often looks out the windows.

Composition with Cat
Acrylic on Wood 11×12″

An artist with her hound dog. A cat slipping through the scenery.
Another painting with a window.
And through the window-
a naked branch on a snowy winter day.

In The Red Room
Acrylic on Panel 23×30″

Gray cat enjoying a good stomach rub.
Anne and I both love this painting.
I’m thinking it’s time to get on my back and have someone rub my stomach.

Read Anne’s Artist Statement and Bio here.

This has been Part One of my tour through Anne’s  show.

Up next: Part Two and we’ll be going outside.

Speak for yourself holiday cards

by Buddy on November 21, 2018

Anne has been rooting around in the archives again and discovered a number of Christmas/Holiday cards that were printed without a greeting inside. She did this intentionally. Anyway I thought I’d share these special items with our beloved followers in case someone out there would be interested. Maybe you want to get a card imprinted with your own unique greeting. Perhaps you’ve had enough of the ‘Happy Holiday’ and ‘Season’s Greetings’ baloney. I know I have. Get creative. Go to town.

Here are some of those cards available blank…

If you see a card you like go to Anne’s Holiday Pages
for a closer look.






And it’s all just a click away.










Show Time

by Buddy on October 21, 2018

Holy Smokes!!!

Anne’s paintings are now hanging at the Central Vermont Medical Center…
a fine venue here in the heart of our green state.

See them all at the…

Opening Reception
Thursday November 8th 4:30-6:00
130 Fisher Road Berlin Vermont


Here’s her easy to understand artist statement and bio….


New Work by Anne Davis

Here’s what I’m looking at every day:

my dog

my cat

my husband

the view from my couch

the view out my studio window

trees and lakes and

there is so much green out there

what it looks like at the beach

people in bathing suits

people’s bodies

what they wear

the way they move

the many ways of sitting on a chair

or in a chair

and of course animals.

It’s a Peaceable Kingdom…

These paintings have all been done this year, but many of the canvases and panels are recycled relics from my artistic past. I painted over old paintings. I like the way doing this makes layers, makes history. I like the way doing this lends soul.

For years I’ve been painting dogs and cats and (sometimes) people. I’ve also kept sketchbooks of my daily life. With this peaceable kingdom in mind I’ve been able to combine the two and produce a whole new body of work.

When you start a painting you never know what you’re going to end up with. When I’m painting, I feel like a novice. I love to paint. It reminds me of what it felt like when I was a kid and I played in the dollhouse and made a world of my own happen.

A Brief Bio:

I went to art school in Philadelphia, the city of my birth. I studied fabric design there and tapestry weaving, and got into outsider art and working on a loom. I wove tapestries filled with strange primitive animals. Time passed and over the years I ended up working in many art (and non-art) related jobs. I worked as a bookbinder and a graphic designer. I designed window displays. But I wanted to be a self supporting artist and so I started my own greeting card business, Anne Made Cards. I learned a lot about painting from making all those cards. This led to publishing two children’s books with Harper Collins: Bud and Gabby and No Dogs Allowed. 

I live and work in Barre. The four big windows in my garage studio were put there by a previous owner—a granite sculptor who was noted for his angels.







tick tock a chicken clock

by Buddy on July 19, 2018

Anne did some more clocks. Limited editions… as in they are very satisfying to produce… as in it’s fun to use the scroll saw and cut out animal shapes and then paint this colorful and cool bird or dog or cat and make it look real pretty and drill the little hole and put in the clock hardware and then coat it with some polymer medium gloss so it looks gorgeous. It’s a bit of work. So Anne did three of the hound dog and two have sold so there’s one more if you are interested and there are 4 of the chicken cluck clocks.

So next up what Anne?
Oh… I see you’re going to take a break from the clock factory so you can work on your paintings for your upcoming show. That’s a good idea.

When and where the show and how is it coming along?

October at The Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin Vermont.
Some big walls there so I am thrilled to be doing some big paintings.

Like how big?

You’ll see.



Ooops.  Almost forgot. In case you would like to procure a clock you will need this link to our Etsy Shop.


He was lost

by Buddy on July 2, 2018

But he was found

Benny- my protege in training- flew the coup a few weeks back. The lad has always been a house cat but he managed to escape one summer evening. Anne searched in the dark. She called his name, but it was all in vain. The night was long. Where was the little guy. We imagined the worst. Anne was sure he would get hopelessly lost. Have an ear chewed off. He doesn’t know his way around Barre, let alone the neighborhood. So not much sleep. Early the next morn Anne composed the heartbreaking ‘Missing’ poster and barely left the driveway when she thought to look under the porch, just in case…. and there he was… and he was so ready to come back in the house. In one piece. And very clean, just a cobweb or two. It was a very short ordeal.

Other local news:

This is another shot from the front porch.
Summer time.
The stoop.
We also have a back stoop.


And inside the studio…
Miniature paintings in the miniature painting gallery.

And on the wall… bigger stuff.

Small painting on right inspired the BIG ONE on the left.

She’s still working on it. Sofie is the model in this painting.

Note to Anne: Finish painting this week.


Note to the reader:

Thanks for reading.
Whoever you are.

Birds who tell time

by Buddy on June 2, 2018

We’re back in the clock business… briefly. A limited edition clock series. Anne is trying out this concept as a way to have fun making things that people might want to buy. This gull clock is one of a limited edition of 4. She made 5 but Lauren already bought one- and she even paid cash… which we love. Anne gets help cutting the wood and then she paints. She likes to put down a nice coat of paint. It’s very satisfying to paint on wood. Then she puts the clock parts together- and that’s a not as easy as it sounds.


Here’s some pictorial documentation.

Before the birds had ‘hands’…

This guy is trying to keep his feet from interfering with the ’12’.


This one has no feet. That solves the ’12’ problem.

Look at her feet.
She doesn’t care if she interferes with the ’12’.


some bird painting

by Buddy on May 3, 2018

The birds are back. Anne started painting these little guys when she was on vacation. These are matchboxes. She said it’s fun to paint very small things cause if you don’t like what you’re doing it’s really easy to paint over and start over.


Then she painted on little canvases.
Nice but I hear her complain about ‘canvas’
not being such an enjoyable surface to work on.
I have no idea what the big deal is.
But she’s the artist.


This is a nice bird.
So upbeat.
She just put it on her Etsy page and it sold right away.
It pays to be cheerful.


I also like this goofy guy with the funny hairdo.
Another happy bird.


There’s more on the Etsy page.
I’m posting these birds now cause Anne is just about done with the bird chapter for now.

Time to get back to her ‘domestic interiors’ with people and animals.

Like these… I like them a lot. So does Anne.

Anne’s vacay away

by Buddy on April 12, 2018

Hey… who wants to look at some photos from Anne’s vacay?

Here’s the dog Anne tried to kidnap on the first day of vacation while waiting for a table at Stella’s awesome eatery.








Here’s another FOA… friend of Anne. She loved the beach birds. Boy would I like to ‘love’ a beach bird.

Then there was this guy. Bently. I just don’t get the tongue thing. Can’t he close his mouth? I guess not. I hear that’s how he sweats. I do not sweat. Never have, never will.

Then there were the beach people. Let the good times roll. Not my idea of good fun but they like it.

Here’s Anne’s little art set-up in the kitchen. A small space so she painted some small things.

Like match boxes. Cheese and crackers-
this must be cocktail hour.

Anne also had fun with her comics.

And she drew people on the beach.

And the knitting. I don’t what the hell she’s making but… it’s a very nice color.

And speaking of color… here is Anne displaying her best feature. Her gorgeous toenails.

Joe really wanted to loose some weight on his vacation but I think he overdid. Now he’s too damn small.

Okay. That’s all. Now I have to work. Sell cards and get Anne back in the studio so she can paint. You know artists really have to make their art or they get grumpy and depressed. It’s a fact. I don’t know what she’d do without me. Seriously.

And this is what it looked like when we got home.

Some personal favorites of mine

by Buddy on November 29, 2017

Holiday Cards Anyone ?…

I thought I would share with you a sampling of some of my personal favorites (in which I am featured).

‘REJOICE’… is this cards message.
It’s a good one to send if you
don’t want to do the ‘Merry’ thing.
Send it as a ‘Happy New Year’ card and ‘REJOICE’

Ah yes… the all species holiday toast.
This was Christmas dinner back when we were still inviting the skunk.

Here I am in my true element…
with my homies.
Grooving on jazz  no doubt.

And here is a sampling of some of my
personal favorites in which I am not featured.

The kissing ball. This is one of our new cards this year.
In this one Anne was inspired by two dear friends who have traveled over to the other side… Booker and Cookie… long gone but not forgotten.

This one was inspired by a
famous painting. Check it out here.
I think Anne’s is way better-
more colorful-and the dog looks
fabulous in that red outfit.

Anne got Sofie and Benny and Lucy to pose for this.
It was quite a production.
They all wanted to hold the donuts but Lucy was
selected for the honor.
I love donuts.
I wish I was Jewish.

Look at all these farm animals. No way they were posing for Anne. She made this one up. This one is called ‘Peaceable Kingdom’ and Anne did it a while back but it’s still in print and I really like it. I give it ‘4 Paws.’

This one is good because it’s all about
everybody from everywhere…
and the best thing is that they’re all wearing hats!

I have many stories to share about all the characters that show up in Anne’s cards but… but I’ll save that for another time. Excuse any misspellings or grammatical faux-pas or sloppy punctuation and bear in mind that as a feline animal I did not attend grammar school or any other school. I am completely self-taught. I am a cat. Hear me roar/purr.