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the stubborns

by Buddy on June 22, 2012

Anne is working on a new book for kids. It’s about Sofie and Sam.
Sam is a small Anne, by the way.
This book may be seen as autobiographical but who knows.

Here is a little snippet, a thumbnail sketch, a sneak peak of what’s to come.

girl and dog drawing

Get the picture? They have issues. But they are such great friends.
Stay tuned, I will have more to report as the book develops.


by Buddy on June 21, 2012

dog and cat in boat

Perfect day to be on the lake, don’t you think?
I’m fishing for bass. Sofie is along for the ride.
I told her she should wear a life jacket but she said she was an excellent swimmer.
I don’t swim but I have no intention of falling in.





mixed nuts

by Buddy on April 13, 2012

cat holds box

Here I am again. Anne and I put our heads together recently
and came up with a new item.

The emergency greeting card kit… or as I like to call it ‘mixed nuts’.
Be prepared for the next big event that takes you by surprise with this pack of  10 cards… then leave your worries on the doorstep.
Like I always say… Send a card, make someone happy. Oh, and the other thing to keep in mind is this is a nice gift item.

Look inside my box of Mixed Nuts here


by Buddy on March 21, 2012

Bug Patrol… look out.
Time to police the premises for bugs and what-nots.
I have risen from my winter ennui. So refreshing.
The Bud is back.

two cats eye bumblebee

Buddy says

by Buddy on March 16, 2012

Anne’s thinking of a new card line for the disgruntled. Thoughts?

cat sketch

grumpy cat greeting

more grumpy cat


motley crew*

by Buddy on March 14, 2012

*An assorted and ill-disciplined group of ne’er do wells.

assorted cat sketches

Clockwise from top left: Joey, Booker, Tiger, Eugene, Melba, Vince, Gabby and me Buddy Mueller.

Buddy is bored

by Buddy on March 2, 2012

cat looks askance at birds

Buddy is bored today
more bored than yesterday
snow out, can’t go and play
this ain’t no holiday
this poem stinks perhaps
oh well, I am a cat

I’ve been remiss

by Buddy on January 25, 2012

Buddy here,
Back from my post-holiday grouchy period and into my dead of winter ‘what the hell’ period. It’s just too cold and icy for a cat to really enjoy himself in the winter here in Vermont.
But I thought it was time to come out of my deep winter funk and get all jazzed about selling some VALENTINES. Cause here’s what I think….
People still like to get something in the mail, and let’s face it, nobody writes letters anymore and that’s okay but people still have mailboxes and look at what’s in them everyday and mostly it’s a load of %$#@.

So send out some LOVE this time around on Valentine’s Day. It’s very therapeutic.
Anne told me she’s going to send some out this year… and she never does- and she’s in the card business !!

Check them out…

cat with heart


Yo ho ho

by Buddy on December 18, 2011


I’ve been the absent blogger lately. But it’s been our CRAZY time and we’ve been busy… thanks to our loyal following.

Thank you thank you thank you.

And Have a Happy Holiday Everybody. Whatever your persuasion.

Let’s touch base again in the new year.

yo ho ho baby

labor of love/ kinda

by Buddy on November 10, 2011

I know it’s late for a calendar but not really. I mean we have almost two months til the new year. But you’ll be wanting to write in your dental appointments etc, stuff you schedule way in advance that you might forget. Like your appointment with the dermatologist in 9 months. Or  a reminder to change the batteries on your smoke alarm, or time for a new flea collar or time to plant your bulbs… or something.

This calendar is a true ANNE MADE production.
Printed and bound in house by Anne.
She thought it was going to be a piece of cake to make her
own calendar but I’ll tell ya, it presented problems.

But it’s done and we’re all  very happy with it. Phew !
holding the new calendar

So look at all the room you have to write things in…

open calendar